Monday, November 14, 2005

Football vs. Video Games

On Sunday I went to a bar with the NFL Sunday Ticket package. My girlfriend is a Bears fan, and since their games are not typically televised in our area, we decided to head out so we could watch them a bit.

I figured with 5 games on at once, it should be pretty entertaining. Odds should be pretty good that at any given point, football would be actively being played, right?

How wrong I was. Over and over again during the stay, all games would simultaneously be dealing with a stoppage in play due to penalties, injuries, booth reviews, or commercials.

And people call baseball boring.

On the other side of the entertainment coin, I took my first crack at Civilization IV over the weekend. I foolishly started a game at around 10 PM, figuring I'd just try the game out a bit before I went to bed.

"A bit" turned into 6 hours, and I went to sleep at 4 AM.

So now I'm faced with a real dilemma tonight. Do I watch the Eagles game, which has a real good chance of being somewhere between annoying and horrible, OR do I play Civilization IV and guarantee myself an enjoyable evening?


LastBestAngryMan said...

If I have to keep slogging through this miserable NFL season, so do you.

Turn on that game and watch your team go down in flames.

Graz said...

Do the right thing man. Move your tv into the same room as your computer.

robustyoungsoul said...

That's why you're the graz. Ingenius.

Love your website.

chornbe said...

Another last-two-minute-interception thrown by McNabb. I think he's secretly playing for the other team. Whoever that is. They got to him, man. I'm tellin' ya.