Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A Smaller World

Last week I had a short, one day in and out trip to NYC for work.

I've no wish to reiterate my feelings on NYC, but regardless of what I think there certainly is no place like it.

While on the subway, I saw something very strange.

The VERY NEXT DAY one of my coworkers pointed out the picture on the internet. Which got me thinking about how cool it was that, even though only my coworkers shared the experience with me at the time (however trivial it may have been), other people WERE paying attention. And now many, many more can share it.

Sure, it's just a guy in a sheet. I have no idea what he's doing. But with the tech we've got everyone can speculate with me.

That's kind of cool.


chornbe said...

Casper shouldn't tie one on like that. You just never know where he'll show up.

the uber dude said...

I love the comments people left for that picture. "Subway Bukkake Day", "Ghost of New York Past", "Cheney's Latest Victim", "A Blind Klansman Making Good On a Bet", and my personal favorite, "A statue on its way to the museum for its unveiling (and some free cheap white wine.)"

John said...

Further proof that big brother is watching....