Sunday, March 26, 2006

Old Man in a Young Man's Body

With the spring and summer fast approaching, I'm looking forward to the activities that filled my warm weather months last year.

While most folks in their mid-twenties look forward to going to the shore, I look forward to going to the track and betting the ponies. I look forward to the return of baseball season and minor league ball in Wilmington. And most of all I look forward to relaxing on weekend afternoons in the shade with a cool drink.

Tonight I went to the Talleyville Fire Department for "Monte Carlo" night. This is an event held by the Ladies' Auxiliary of the TFD every other month to raise money. The average attending age for this event is probably over 40. For $5 you get in the door, get all the beer you can drink, all the sausage and meatballs you can eat (or until the ladies run out), and you can play table games like blackjack for a buck a hand.

I had a blast.

I invited some friends from up in Philly to come out. I'm not entirely sure they enjoyed themselves. There were some mitigating factors: there was another party they were going to after the stop in Wilmington, one of them wasn't feeling well, etc... but on the whole I don't think they enjoyed it nearly as much as I did.

Am I really a 40 year old trapped in a 27 year old's body at this point?

I guess I shouldn't be too surprised. I've always looked forward to getting older, because there is so much less social pressure on you with each passing year. I like "old man" activities, like betting the ponies and playing dominos. I like not having to drive more than 20 minutes to get a bite to eat, have a beer, go shopping, or pretty much do anything. I like going to bed before the bars close, and getting up before noon.

Am I really that out of touch?

Eh... probably. *shrug*


John said...

I think you are on to something here. You aren't even interested in beautiful young women anymore.

Mia said...

I had a fucking BLAST! :) I lost every penny I came in with... and Talleyville made some needed cash!

The obligatory housewarming was a good time too... but I must say that, despite my slightly out-of-place flaming red corduroy jacket and fohawk, i felt right at home in Talleyville.

Careful though... the Dollar Wheel tis a cruel mistress.

chornbe said...

Hey! I'm almost 40! (counting the months) I play football[1] on the weekends (and yes, pay for it dearly on Monday morning), ride motorcycles, do lots of outdoor stuff.

You'll never see me doing any of those "old man sports" like shuffleboard, skiball or baseball!

You certainly won't find me dead at a Bingo night anywhere, so no more of those 40 year old cracks, got it?

Damn whippersnappers these days!!

Now grab me my readin' glasses and help me across the street, junior!

Kids these days!

[1] Football = the one true sport.

Julie said...

Monte Carlo night might not be for everyone, but tis for me. Where else can I wear a flannel shirt from 1993 and be the hottest girl in the joint (except when my friends from Philly come in their hot red courderoy jackets, that is)? Where else can I play four hours of blackjack and, at most, be down 7 dollars and walk out with an extra 10 dollars? Where else am I served complimentary sausage and meatball sandwiches? Finally, where else can I be accepted for drinking Coors Light from a plastic cup? It might not (a) be fancy, (b) the place to pick up a guy/girl, or (c) the place to wear that cute new shirt, but it is a darned good time for anyone who is willing put aside their "coolness" and mix it up with the 40 years old and upwards for the night.