Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Post Warcraft Curiosity Disorder

Now that my World of Warcraft account has officially expired, I find myself trolling around looking for news and thoughts about the game just to keep up with the buzz. As someone in the old guild used to say: "Talking about Wacraft is a lot more fun than actually playing it."

It would appear that in the next patch they are only adding yet another 40-man raid dungeon, exactly the kind of dull, repeatable content that resulted in my canceling in the first place.

When I mentioned this to a friend still playing, he sent me the following email which I now share with you (props go to Andy for this):

Their line of thinking probably goes something like the following:

Blizzard Developer 1: Hmmmm... What can we do to further challenge our players?

Blizzard Developer 2: How about a "WoW" historically significant instance that incorporates scripted encounters with a new, balanced layout as to not bog down players seeking the definitive "end" of an instance?

Blizzard Developer 1: That sounds great!!! How about we rewrite the mage and shaman classes to add balance to the gameplay?

Blizzard Developer 2: Yet another great idea!!!

Blizzard Developer 3: WAIT!!! By my calculations, that would only make 5,999,999 out of 6,000,000 of our valued customers happy. What about Dave Yeager?

Blizzard Developer 1: Crap. Can the project.

Consider me pwned.


chornbe said...

As opposed to the UO developers' discussions:

UO Dev 1: What can we do to make the game for fun and challenging?

UO Dev 2: Well, there's always the notion of "balance" in the various classes. The dexers ruled for a while, then the mages ruled...

UO Dev 1: Hmm... that sounds like work. What else you got?

Hansen said...

Thanks for the link to the definition of 'pwned'.

I'd type more but I must go vomit then shower obsessively, both in futile attempts to unlearn it.

I hate it when I come face to face with the fact that I am a passive participant in a geek culture - ESPECIALLY one related to WoW! (damn, I shouldn't even know what that STANDS for, let alone its capitalization pattern)