Thursday, June 15, 2006

A True Underdog Story

If it wasn't for failure, we wouldn't have succeeded.
- Lucas Hellmer

The saga that was the 2006 Spring Adult Dodgeball League for Average Jay's Gym has come to an end. Our Cinderella run was halted in the divisional championship game against the #1 seeded defending Delaware state champions, the Polish Mafia.

If you had asked any one of us at beginning of the playoffs how far we were going to go, we all would've told you we'd be happy to get out of round one. After finishing 2-6 in the regular season, we were seeded #8 in the tournament.

As Han Solo said: "Never tell me the odds."

On our way to the divisional championship, we took out the #2 AND #3 seeds... and it took 6 games for the Polish Mafia to finally put us away.

It was an awesome run, and sets the bar high for the upcoming Fall season. Only one question remains to be answered:

Who the heck is Lucas Hellmer?

The team with our divisional runner up trophy and medals is below.


Julie said...

Great pic! Thanks for the eloquent update, Yeags.

LastBestAngryMan said...

I have one more question...

...who the heck is Hans Solo? Is that Han Solo's German cousin?

robustyoungsoul said...

Damn, I'm the worst nerd ever.


Lucas Hellmer said...

Im lucas hellmer! Glad you liked the quote. Came up with it while I was a college student.

Lucas Hellmer said...

If you want to contact me for whaterver, its