Monday, August 21, 2006

Engagement Cruise

Sorry about the delay in the update, but I was on vacation last week with Jules. It was quite a trip.

First off, the most important news is that we got engaged. Some are probably saying "Finally!", and I suppose after five and a half years there is some justification for that, but we have always done things on our own terms and that hasn't changed.

Second, the whole trip got off to a pretty shaky start. We were scheduled to leave on Monday, and I picked up the ring after a couple months of shopping the Thursday prior. I brought a change of clothes in my carry on bag and put the ring in the pants pocket.

Well, the first thing I did as soon as we got to the airport on Monday morning was spill coffee all over myself. So that meant I had to change my pants. When I went to the bathroom stall to do so, I promptly dropped my sunglasses in the toilet and my driver's license (which was loose in my pocket) went skidding down two stalls next to me to an occupied stall. The fellow in there was clearly, uh, struggling with his breakfast, and my request for him to kick my license back my direction was initially met only with grunts of distress.

After getting out of there sans sunglasses (still resting in the toilet), I sat back down and tried to relax. I kept the ring on me the rest of the time.

When we arrived in Orlando, naturally my bag did not arrive from Philly. After waiting for an hour or so, we simply had to get going otherwise the boat was going to leave port without us. I filled out a baggage claim and resigned myself to wearing the clothes I had on for the next couple of days, my genius change of clothes plan foiled by earlier clumsiness.

Finally, we got on the boat, and I resolved that I would make the proposal THAT NIGHT before anything else untoward happened.

Lucky guy I am, she said yes.

The rest of the cruise we spent relaxing and enjoying being engaged, since we knew once we got back there would be a flurry of activity (phone calls and the like). On Wednesday my bags finally arrived in Grand Turk, and I got my camera and took some pictures. It was a great time, and certainly a vacation I'll never forget.


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Anonymous said...

Yayayayayayayayayayay! Congrats!!

And yeah, it is about time, LOL!


Anonymous said...


Seriously. Congrats. You guys seems really great together and I wish you all the best.

Anonymous said...


Wanna buy a motorcycle?

Jason Clark said...

Congratulations to you both! It's about time :)

So... set a date yet?

Mia said...


Lets celebrate w/ Snakes on a Motherfuckin Plane!

Congratulations :)

Viki said...

Hey hey, no one would ever dream of harassing a man just because it took him some years to get around to asking his unbelievably delightful GF to become his even-more-incredibly-delightful wife.

(insert your cROFL here)

Lisa said...

Yeah Yeager! Rock on!