Thursday, September 28, 2006



Not exactly what I'd call "random".

What was an experiment going reasonably well came completely unhinged last week with a dreadful performance by FAULTY that got only 2 games right.

On the bright side, one of those two was the Eagles game.

SO... after 3 weeks, FAULTY has posted a record of 20-26. Not so great, but one good week is all it will take to turn it around.

This, however, might not be that week.

With gems in there like the Jets over the Colts, I'm not too sure we won't see another horrendous week.

The things I do for completely flawed science.

By the way, this week FAULTY picks Green Bay over the Eagles. So far FAULTY is 3-0 on Eagles games. I find it unlikely the Eagles will lose to the Packers, so let's hope FAULTY's streak picking the Eagles comes to an ignominious end.


Mia said...

Those Jets gave those Colts quite a run... before playing a quick game of Nuke-em on the 30... just when i think that the NFL is predictable, i end up jumping up and down on my coffee table screaming "WHAT THE F IS GOING ON!?!?! THIS IS GREAT!"

And it wasn't even an Eagles game.

So maybe Faulty is onto something!


Anonymous said...