Wednesday, April 04, 2007

My Sister's New Show

My sister, being much more socially adept than myself, lives in the big NYC. When she was talking to me over the holidays about the new show she was in, I was excited that her acting career was going well but was having a difficult time visualizing what she was describing.

The theater company she has joined up with is called 3LD, short for "Three Legged Dog", and they are experimenting with a nifty new piece of tech called the Eyeliner, which is a holographic projection system. In conjunction with a software package called Isadora (made for the Mac.. nice), you can create some incredible effects with this.

Her upcoming show, Losing Something, will be the first use of this tech by an American theater company. Since the NY Times picked up the story, the show and the company have been getting a lot of attention, which is really exciting. I encourage you to read the article and check out the slideshow to get an idea of the really cool stuff they're doing.

I'm definitely looking forward to seeing it. The show runs April 6 - May 5, and you can find ticket info and whatnot on the 3LD website.


Anonymous said...

good show on your sister's good show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
love, mom, uh anonymous

Anonymous said...

When ya headed up there, less-adept Yeager sibling? This is the kinda thing I would like to see.

- the most adept Hansen sibling

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