Friday, August 10, 2007

Soul Kerfuffle Meets Higher Education

Check it out, the infamous View from the Top is being featured in a class at Calvin College.

I'm a little disappointed the counter articles are not featured. One of the things I am pleased about after so much time has passed since the articles were written is that at least one author, Neils Clark, understood what I was attempting to do: provide a somewhat balanced perspective on the issue of gaming addiction to get dialog moving. (The link goes to page 3 of the article where the blog is mentioned, however the whole article is a very good read.)

It's still kind of amazing to me how much buzz those posts generated. This little blog was featured in a segment on Yahoo Buzz at the time, as well as hitting digg and slashdot.

I still prowl those old posts and read the comments, as amazingly they still get some (I also go there to delete the occasional spot of spam, particularly from Warcraft gold sellers).

I'm glad, however, that time has passed. It was amazing and sometimes horrifying to see things that you and your friends had written get dissected, analyzed, and sometimes completely misinterpreted. But such is the way of it: I don't believe we can read anything objectively. We can strive for it, but our personal experiences will always interfere in subtle ways.

At best hopefully it helped add fuel to a dialog about gaming addiction.

At worst, hopefully I picked up a few new readers.


John said...

This is a great example of the power of the internet. Students discussing a post on your blog. That's excellent.

PS - Go Gunners!!!

Anonymous said...

"... the popular internet blog, Soul-KerrrrfuFFLE..."

Lovin' it *thumbs up*

DM Osbon said...

Good to see...nothing like a bit of debate & more readership for ya blog!

Neils said...

Thanks a lot for the bloglink, man. Hit me up if you ever want to trade tales of addiction. Or book writing.

Andrew said...

I still like to go back and see how I wasted my 15 min of fame. :-p Well, at least it didn't involve a DUI or jail time!!!

Anyway, I'm extremely happy with the decisions I've made since that fateful day. Life is awesome. Yes, even when couches don't fit up stair cases and the table you've gamed at for the past few years was wobbly because the legs were put on backwards... As long as you're doing what you love with people you love, it's all good.

Paul said...

Haha, grats on the link from class. That's sweet. You forgot about Reddit; the article had 694 points over there, and that's how I found it ;)