Thursday, October 11, 2007

Why Are You Here?

Since I finally got around to setting up Google Analytics to track the visitor stats on the blog, the narcissist in me has had a grand ol' time looking at what folks are reading here and how they're getting here in the first place.

It comes as no great surprise that the old Warcraft addiction post is how most people find the blog. There is something pretty humbling in the fact that the most popular piece of writing on your own blog isn't even written by you, but it's cool that people still read it. That post alone gets about 50+ views a day, and the two related posts rank 2 and 3 in views.

After that though things get kind of interesting, with the old Pac Man Online post on gaming theory coming in next. I can only assume that this is because the stats say some people land on the blog doing searches for "pac man online". I suppose the title is slightly misleading.

Which transitions nicely to how people are getting here, which is where the real fun is. First, check out the top 5 Google searches that land people here:

1) wow addiction
2) trade mcnabb
3) addicted to world of warcraft
4) world of warcraft suicide
5) pac man online

The first one comes as no surprise... but how in the world does my year and a half old post entitled Trade McNabb warrant the top spot on the results page of that Google search? Seems sort of silly.

But when you dig really deep, things get hilarious. Check out some of these awesome and... unique... searches that lead people to the blog:

- old man body
- transformers shower curtain
- beaten with a shoe
- being a large bodybuilder, i was shocked when i found out his penis was larger than mine
- daunte culpepper desktop wallpapers
- hitler's fecal love
- if i'm clean and taste cocaine will it come up in any drug test?
- using modafinil to go clubbing

I mean, I get in a roundabout way how "transfomers shower curtain" could lead you here, but I must admit being completely perplexed regarding "beaten with a shoe".

Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

Your mom called; she wants her Transformers shower curtain back and she wants you to stop with all the cocaine tasting parties.

I got nothin' on the whole shoe-beating thing.

Julie said...

I am not sure how literally you want us to take your question, and you know I take everything verrrry literally, so...

if you search "beaten with a shoe" it takes you to

You are welcome.

robustyoungsoul said...

Wow, how about that.

Looks like I have LastBestAngryMan and Robert Jordan to thank for that one.

Julie said...

And after re-reading the article and comments, you can thank chorbe for bringing all the sickos who like to be beaten with a shoe to your blog.

Julie said...

Whoops, I gave credit to the wrong sicko, I mean reader - good job LastAngryMan

Anonymous said...


They're not my kinda sickos. Too pedestrian for me!


DM Osbon said...

Found you via the WoW addiction post too but I have stuck reading your blog as your posts are always fun to read even if they are not concerned with an interest of Davids should stick together!

Neils said...

You've inspired me, following are my personal favorites for my past year's analytics:

3. cheesy poof online game

2. bottlenose dolphins bad or good ('bad things on bottlenose dolphins' was a close contender for this spot)

1. can a blood clot in the brain kill you?

Neils said...

there were also some clever (rofl) ones for that one lady who sold her body for Warcraft gold.

Just in case you didn't see that one.

robustyoungsoul said...

Holy cow, I had heard about that lady but hadn't seen that she actually followed through. Well I'll be. Magnificent.

Tiffany said...

Hey you. Since you asked, I am here because it's late (or early?), I'm struck with brain-melting insomnia, and I never bloody hear from you anymore!
Seriously dude, I know you're busy with all this silly "wedding" and "work" nonsense but do shoot me an email sometime. After all, you are the only contact I have with my teenage years!