Tuesday, March 04, 2008

RIP Gary Gygax

The "Father of Dungeons and Dragons", and really tabletop gaming period, died today.

I don't think Gary Gygax's influence in gaming today can be overstated. Along with Dave Arneson, the man basically helped invent an entirely new way to play games, and in the process, an entirely new way to make friends.

It may seem nerdy and cheesy to those who have never sat down with others to sling dice, enjoy good company, and hopefully tell a good story together, but his impact on my life is, as one friend said when he heard the news, "greater than any of us might care to admit."

But it was huge. When I got married a month ago, the guys that were standing up there with me were guys I had played Dungeons & Dragons with.

Even today, modern computer RPGs use systems that Gary Gygax helped pioneer. They use design paradigms that we take completely for granted now, but somebody had to invent them. Mr. Gygax was that guy.

Part of getting old is seeing your heroes pass away. Here's hoping the hobby he created lives on for a long, long time.


Tezrak the Impslayer said...

So say we all.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, today has been a very sad day...

Toronto Franchise System said...

God bless.