Friday, July 31, 2009

Chat Log

Some context for below - tonight the local minor league team, the Wilmington Blue Rocks, are having "Cowboy Monkey Rodeo Night", which involves monkeys dressed as cowboys riding on dogs.

This led to the chat below with a good friend:

me: tonight is awesome

  Cowboy Monkey Rodeo night + fireworks

  Monkeys in cowboy outfits riding dogs

Friend: shouldn;t they be called Dogboy Monkies?

me: Cowboy Monkey will lasso you good for suggesting this

  they don't round up dogs

  they ride them

Friend: yeah true

  what do they round up? Squirrels?


me: what they round up are good times

  Goodtimeboy Monkeys

Friend: now that would be illegal - making monkeys round up squirrels while riding dogs

  then - you feed the losing team to a shark

  THAT'S good times

me: I don't want to live in a country where you can't watch monkeys dressed as cowboys riding dogs herding squirrels tossing them to sharks

  and you can quote me on that


DM Osbon said...

That's is one strange 'comeback' post - fun enough I'm sure I have seen a photo of said monkey cowboys just recently...just can't remember where!

John said...

I will take Mr. Celery any day!!

Andy said...

What the hell?

Anonymous said...

Not for nothin', but I think our RaptorJesus chat was better. I'm just sayin'....