Sunday, October 16, 2005

Tim McCarver...

... is a very terrible announcer. I find I have to actually mute the television at times to avoid throwing a shoe through it while watching playoff baseball.

I have become so fed up that I did a little Google search looking for like minded folks and came across the "Shut Up Tim McCarver" homepage. I encourage you to visit.

I did a Google search on "awful announcer", and had to laugh when I saw Tim McCarver's homepage on the top of the list.

That particular homepage has a link for sending email to Tim (which I'm sure is screened by the producers of the "Tim McCarver Show"). I decided to use it.

I promptly received the following automated response, which also includes my email:

Tim McCarver Answers Your Sports Question
Sunday 10/16/2005

Thanks For Your Question!

You sent the following:


Name: Dave



As a Phillies fan, it pains me to see you soiling your legacy with the terrible job you do on Fox. I'm not entirely sure that this is Fox's fault or yours, but for god's sake please stop the agony and do baseball fans everywhere the service of retiring from announcing. I find your show very entertaining, and you always have good guests, but your announcing is just terrible.

Thank you.

-Dave from DE


We'll answer your question soon.

Best regards,

Tim McCarver

I'll post any further reply here.


LastBestAngryMan said...

Bravo! Good on you, man. McCarver is ruining playoff baseball everywhere. Before this post-season is over, I'm going to buy a gun and start shooting my TV until the hurting stops.

At night, I lie awake in bed and wonder what it would be like to hear Bob Costas call these games. Fabulous baseball deserves equally fabulous announcing. Stupid NBC.

Anonymous said...

Four years later, he is still terrible. What's the matter with the man? Why doesn't he spare us and spend more time with his golf clubs.