Friday, January 06, 2006

Wasting Money

With bonus time coming up at work, a lot of talk has revolved around just what toys we'll be wasting our money on.

Since I don't plan on making any "major purchases" (like a new car or something of that magnitude) with my bonus money, I've basically narrowed it down to three things that I don't need, but would be cool to have. I list them now in order of desire:

3) Alienware PC - Absurdly overpriced and overrated, but I've wanted one of these for years. These computers are more than just gaming machines tweaked with largely pointless features and hardware with a huge markup... they are status symbols. I want one of these for the same reason people who like motorcycles want a Harley. You could do quite well buying something else for the amount of money you'll pay, but it won't be the same.

2) Playstation 2 and a host of old games - I made a massive blunder when I purchased an XBox. There's nothing particularly WRONG with the XBox. For the most part I've enjoyed the games I bought. But PS2 would have been an infinitely superior choice for me because of the kinds of games I like to play: RPGs. XBox, even now, has an absolutely anemic RPG library. I've missed out on a bunch of great games in the past several years because I chose to buy an XBox, and now I could snatch them all up for a couple hundred bucks.

1) Mac - For months now I've been saying that the next computer I buy is going to be a Mac. However, I'm not 100% sure I want to pull the trigger on this until the new Intel Macs come out. And then if I'm going to wait that long, maybe I want to wait until the 2nd generation of Intel Macs, when they're sure to have the kinks out... and then if I'm going to wait THAT long, I should just get something else on the list.

Admittedly, trying to make this decision is a nice "problem" to have. If anyone has any ideas, feel free to let me know.


Jason Clark said...

You know you want that Mac. It's what all the cool kids have. As far as the Intel/PPC question, his Steveness will be giving his annual MacWorld Expo keynote next Tuesday (Jan 10). This close to the that event, it's not even worth speculating as to what Mac you will want to buy in Feb. See what news comes next Tue, and then I'll tell you why you need a Mac ASAP. :)

chornbe said...

Get the iMac. It's even sexier than the AlienWare PC. It may not have some of the ooh-ah features of the Alien, but c'mon...

*you see: a swinging pocketwatch on an expensive gold chain*

Get the iMac. You want the iMac.

If you really want power, drop the cash on the PowerMac and you can Virtual-PC some of the PC-only software you might care about. But honestly, now that I have a working version of X-Develop, there is *nothing* I miss about the PC. That's a hell of a statement - especially considering I'm not nearly as much a Microsoft hater as many folks these days.

Oh, and as to your quote: "I want one of these for the same reason people who like motorcycles want a Harley. You could do quite well buying something else for the amount of money you'll pay, but it won't be the same."

You do me proud, boy. All this time I was sure you were just blowing off all that motorcycle talk. My ersatz son, folks! :)

Ed said...

How about a romantic trip to Paris for you and your girlfriend plus a visit to an old friend to boot? The sights of Paris, copious amounts of wine, your girlfriend's undying gratitude, copious amounts of wine, and the opportunity to make fun of tourists trying to pick up the trail of the "Da Vinci Code" are all surely far more enjoyable than any computing/gaming platform. And coincidentally, such a trip would last about as long as the items on your list remain technologically relevant.

chornbe said...

Ed, who the hell are you to show up with such a great, wonderful, thoughtful and fun idea as that??? :)

Jeez, I feel like a serious geek now. Nice one!