Saturday, January 14, 2006

New Kids

Disclaimer: This is not about the New Kids on the Block.

Congratulations are in order for Dan (author of Cross Thoughts) and his wife, who had their first child.

Congratulations are also in order for my long time friend Gary, who had welcomed his second child last week.

I've blogged before about kids, sometimes a little critically and sometimes reflectively. My stance on kids for my personal life has not changed one iota... they are about as far off my radar as they could possibly be.

But it is very cool to hear about the new lives coming into the world, and the hope they represent. During the last couple months of 2005, a few of my friends suffered personal losses, many of them losing a parent or another close family member.

So it is nice, at the beginning of 2006, to celebrate birth.


chornbe said...

Kids change your life. Forever. And that life is almost never what you think it will be. Ultimately, if you're of the right mindset, it's the most rewarding thing in the world. There's nothing like a little voice yelling "Daddy!!" when you come home from a long, sometimes miserable day at work.

Men should never figure skate.

dan cross said...

Thank you!

I look forward to the rewards of family, and I know it will be very difficult at times, but I think I'm ready. I've done all of the adventuring I wanted to date, so I can settle in a bit now and focus on things outside of my own ego concerns.

chornbe said...

Then I suspect you'll do just fine.

*picture a smile and a thumbs-up*

You still have 13 years to prepare for teenagers, and to plan your escape. :)

The Uber Dude said...

I'd love to see Kerfufflets running around someday. It would amuse me to no end.

But yes, congrats to those who already have spawned. I'm sure your larvae will make the world a better place...or something.