Sunday, October 01, 2006

It's Over

The playoff run ended yesterday when the Dodgers and Padres both won their games to crush all lingering hope of the Phillies making postseason play in '06.

Today, just to twist the knife a little more, the Phils lost in 11 innings as Danny Sandoval couldn't handle a hard hit ball with the bases loaded.

And so, once again the season ends not just in defeat (that would be too easy); it ends in absolute soul crushing fashion and leaves you looking longingly at various implements of suicide.

I guess now I have to start watching the NFL.

*looks again at the kitchen knives*

Nah, death is better. And it has fewer commercials.


Jason Clark said...

After weeks of listening to you talk about the wildcard race, I found myself watching the game late late thursday nite. Yesterday, I watched them win in Fla, and then went online to see how the Dodgers & Padres were doing. Just in time for the ignomius end, I found myself actually caring.

Damn you.

Anonymous said...

"I found myself actually caring"

You putz.

darkman said...

I dident!

Anonymous said...

fairy son of a bitch go fuck yourself asshoie!

ben said...

jason clark shut up chornbe your a asshole darkman go fuck your self