Friday, October 06, 2006


3-11. After last week's performance, I thought FAULTY was due for a big week... until, of course, I saw the picks.

3-11 though was even worse than I expected.

So that gives FAULTY a season record of 23-37. It's gonna take a couple of big weeks from FAULTY to get back to .500, and this week doesn't look particularly good either. 8-8, in fact, would be pretty good for this week. See for yourself:

On the plus side, the Eagles bucked the FAULTY trend and beat Green Bay last week (big surprise) to put FAULTY at 3-1 guessing Eagles' games. This week ambient noise and skew correction is backing Dallas, so hopefully it will be wrong again.


Dan Yeager said...

BORING!!!! You and your computer... Just a friendly message from your brother. Also, your face is boring.

Macca said...


Came across your blog from the WoW link on Slashdot..
Anyhow, I just wondered if you were planning on sharing the code out for the FAULTY app? I'm intrigued :)

Macca said...

Me again from the above comment. Disregard what I said, it's a good exercise for me to do, XML as been bitchin' me for a while now..