Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Big 3-0

Aaaaand we're back.

So as of today I am 30 years old. Things couldn't be better.

I've written before about what I think the advantages to getting older are and I still stand by those things. Bill Watterson once suggested that people who remember childhood as an idyllic time were probably never children, and that's a statement I agree with. It's not like being a kid was bad (it wasn't), but it's a pretty amazing (and sometimes scary) thing to have a modicum of control over your life.

I also maintain it is awesome to be able to have the authority to scold those younger than you are. Age is the type of completely arbitrary authority that just increases with every passing day. Just this morning I pulled into the parking garage at work and there was a young fellow blasting music out of his car. Just the fact that I could legitimately think to myself: "That young punk, what's he doing playing music at that volume this early in the morning" and actually have a small part of that thought be automatically accurate (the part about him being "young" compared to me, not necessarily the part about being a punk, he's probably a real swell kid, I mean after all he is arriving at work at 7:30 AM just like I am, probably during his summer vacation) is the type of thing that I find internally amusing enough to keep me in a good mood.

So, where have I been these past several months? Well, I haven't been doing anything particularly epic. Since getting married, Jules had been busy studying for the Delaware Bar Exam (a 3 day test which she finished taking last week, results in October) and I've been doing... whatever it is that I do.

And frankly that's what I LIKE doing. There was a time in the heady days of my youth (you know, like 8 years ago) where I would have been terrified of the notion of working a 35-40 hour a week job, settling in to some kind of routine. Now it's really what I enjoy most. Some of my best times are just relaxing at home talking to Jules, reading a book or watching baseball on the tube together. I'm a much more boring guy than I used to be, but I consider that to be a good thing.

So why haven't I been updating the blog then? What's the excuse? Well, there really isn't any. But I've been thinking during all those months I haven't been writing about what this blog is exactly. Is it a journal? Is it a blog about games? Shouldn't it have a theme of some kind?

And I've kind of decided that there are enough blogs out there that spend their time discussing games, and enough blogs out there that are just journals. There are enough blogs out there that complain and mock various things, and really I'm not as good at any of that stuff as they are.

So as of today, I'm going to try something new with the blog. I'm going to go for a general theme of optimism. A general theme that says "life can be pretty cool." That may still involve games that I think are fun and self-deprecating personal anecdotes and some of the other random stuff I throw up here... but the gist will be the type of kerfuffle that puts a smile on my face.

We'll see, maybe it will put a smile on yours. And if you got this far, thanks for not unsubscribing from this thing.


Skyler said...

Nicely written. I'm not nearly as old as you are, but I wonder sometimes how I'll be when I will be (talking 'bout confusing sentences). College has been great so far, and it is fun to walk freely without parental restrictions. But I also feel lost at times, exactly because now it all comes down to me, and everything I do I will have to deal with it myself. It creates a certain pressure (having to deal with all those things yourself, instead of your parents doing it for you), and I think it is this what people miss the most about their younger days: the freedom to do what they want without having to deal with the burden of responsibility.

LastBestAngryMan said...

You are getting soft in your old age.

Happy Birthday, anyway.

DM Osbon said...

Enjoy it while it lasts!


Glad your back in whatever shape or form. Never did ask you what platforms you game on? PS3? Wii?

...or did I?

Happy Birthday David!

robustyoungsoul said...

@skyler - Don't sweat it, enjoy it. Freedom is a very cool thing made even cooler with responsibility.

@dm osbon - Had a Wii but sold it last Christmas. I still game on the Mac, the PS2, and the DS.

White Kobe said...

jeez, now it's an emotinal blog where you talk about feelings? White Kobe confused, not likey!!

Happy B-Day man

Anonymous said...

Glad you're back! We missed you!

And happy belated, btw... welcome to the thirties! I have been in this decade of life for a few years longer than you, and must say that it is a pretty good time. Boring, but good in a comfy-cozy kind of way.

Big hugs to you and Julie!
Hope to see yas soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi Son, funny how things change when you grow up and find out life is not always about excitement but comfort, companionship, and just plain knowing how to enjoy what you have accomplished. I think at one time I might have mentioned that to you, but not sure when, maybe when I was changing your diaper at age 3 months. Nice memory!!

Proud of you Son,


Andy said...

Holy crap you updated your blog and I didn't notice? Crap I'm out of the loop.

Welcome back.

I'm going to develop a time machine. This way I can go back 8 years and tell the "you of then" that the "you of now" is married, works in an office for a salary and benefits, writes a blog about optimism and how good life is, and is generally a very likable, responsible, and respectably upstanding guy.

Then I'll pat him on the back as he's sobbing and tell him it's all ok though, because the Eagles win the Superbowl in 2004.

Anonymous said...

I love the theme of your blog!

Mia said...

I heard about the recent blog update via hens at the wedding shower...

... nice work Dave Yeager.. nice work! Welcome to the land of optimism and hope... the disappointments are bigger but the payoffs are unreal!!