Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Goodbye Jedi

It's finally over. The long, sad, ruining of the Star Wars trilogy is, at last over. Now I can begin the healing process and try to pretend that none of it ever happened.

In fairness, there were some cool moments. There were some pretty pictures. And there certainly was no shortage of lightsaber enhanced butt whooping.

I will tell you what I hate most about these movies though: the thing that I found so appealing about the Jedi Order was that they were supposed to be diplomats. They valued peace over fighting. They wouldn't help you attack, but they would always help you defend. They were so cool and full of inner peace that Obi Wan was perfectly comfortable with letting Darth Vader chop him in Episode IV (I mean... the FIRST movie... gaaah it's happening) just so that he could turn into a ghost and advise Luke from beyond.

The Jedi don't act like that at all in ANY of the prequels. All of their attempts at diplomacy fail, which is not surprising because they don't really try very hard to settle things peacefully anyway. Everybody is anxious to pull out their lightsaber and start chopping... even Yoda. But Mace Windu is the most baffling example... he's supposed to arrest the Chancellor, but he quickly changes his mind and decides killing him is better.. and to me, that goes against everything I always thought the Jedi stood for.

In the end, I hope people like the movie and enjoy themselves, and that seems to be the case since the movie has gotten some very good press. And of course, it's very easy to make the argument that age has something to do with it.

For whatever reason, though, I did not like Star Wars III.

If you want spoilers and more extensive opinions, check out chornbe's review of the movie.

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