Saturday, August 13, 2005

Home Again

I'm officially back from what was an incredibly relaxing four day cruise through the Bahamas. I normally am not a real big fan of beach/hot weather types of vacations, but the cruise was a lot of fun because there were so many options. Judging from the size of some of the people on the boat, a good many of them chose to do nothing but eat for 4 days... certainly a viable option, because the food was terrific.

The boat made stops in Freeport and Nassau, and we got off the boat both times to get a look around. We also went snorkeling on a very, very small island (called Pearl Island). That was one of the highlights for the trip for me, since after snorkeling they left you to your own devices for awhile and I lost about a half hour to a very quiet and soothing meditation session.

I also finished 5 books during the course of the vacation. Those reviews will be another post.

The best part of the cruise though was just the chance to see the family. My brother Mike was sorely missed (he just started his new teaching job), but I guess 5 out of 6 immediate family members ain't bad considering we all live pretty far apart now.

Anyway, now it's Saturday morning and it's 80 degrees in my apartment and I left the lights on in my car last night, and I have to run into work to pick up some things for my three day NYC trip starting on Monday. But the sheen of the vacation hasn't worn off yet, so it's all good.

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