Thursday, February 24, 2005

Back on the Farm

The company I work for has gotten a lot bigger in the last year (my hiring was a part of that growth), and as such there's been a lot of people and organizations being moved around to different floors, buildings, etc. For awhile it seemed like the group I worked for was going to avoid this.

Not so. Today at our weekly staff meeting we saw the floor plan for the new cube farm we'll be moving into a floor lower than where we are now.

Some of the guys in the group are understandably upset, because right now we sit in offices and a lot of them have gotten used to that, but I really couldn't care less for a few reasons:

1) When I code, I'm typically listening to music to block out distractions. People are constantly stopping by my office, which also sits right across the hall from the pantry so there's always noise coming from there as well. I might actually get less traffic in the new farm because we'll be in the corner of the floor... and either way, when I'm intently working I'll still be listening to music anyway.

2) We're next to a window so I'll have a view. So what if it's a graveyard. I can contemplate life and my own mortality while at work.

3) I get the exact same paycheck whether I'm sitting in an office or in a cube.

The thing I'll miss most is the whiteboard: I never realized just how helpful something like that can be for sketching out designs until I had one. But I can always go back to my old method of drawing things on napkins and then losing them (or blowing my nose with them).

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