Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Bizarro World

This past weekend, Julie was invited to a BBQ hosted by one of the judges she is clerking for this year. Another judge was also in attendance, and it was awesome to meet people passionate about what they do. I guess when you have to make incredibly difficult decisions in family court, you better be passionate about it.

Then one gets to thinking... here I am, drinking wine and chatting with a pair of judges. How the heck did a guy that dropped out of college twice, only to go back and end up with an English degree, end up doing computer programming for a living and eating burgers cooked by a judge?

Must be my dashing good looks.


Anonymous said...

Life is strange.

~Feeling Unoriginal, Dan Cross

Anonymous said...

I actually credit JULIE'S good looks, and your fortunate/prudent association with that woman.

(I might also credit your charm, gregariousness, versatility, etc. if I felt like being nice, but I'd rather just attribute it to Jules today!) Hansen