Monday, September 26, 2005

Where's the Love?

Yesterday was Sunday. To most stout American males, that means it's football day. I got a nice invite from a friend who just bought a house and had set up a couple of TVs with the Sunday Ticket package along with a grill and various meat products. Several of my other friends were also going (stout American males all).

Sounds like the perfect Sunday, right?

Here's the problem: I didn't go. I wanted to see my friends. I wanted to eat those meat products. But the prospect of 7-8 hours of football just did not appeal to me.

What's happening to me? I used to be an avid football fan. It always took a back seat to the end of the baseball season, but I still looked forward to Sundays and watching 12-14 hours of football and football related programming every week.

This morning everyone has been talking about the Eagles game. I watched some of the game, but not all of it... I was more interested in the Phillies game. Once the Phils had won, I turned back for the end of the Eagles. But I could just as easily have read about it in the morning.

This week also featured a marquee matchup between Pittsburgh and New England, two Super Bowl caliber teams. I watched about 5 minutes of it before I became bored and changed the channel.

I can't figure it out. I'll watch Arena football all day long. Why can't I sit still for the NFL?

I already plan on playing World of Warcraft tonight instead of watching Monday Night Football like a healthy American male should.

I even joined a fantasy football league this year for cheap in an effort to get myself excited about football again. That's not working either.

So what has changed? The game, or me?


Dan said...

Your "Guy" card is hereby revoked.

You will be required to turn it in, along with your testicles, on Wednesday, September 28, at approximately 1900 hours, EST.

Should you chose to take the honorable way out, you will also be provided with a cyanide pill or a revolver with a single shot, as per your choice.

Actually dude, in all seriousness, I'm totally with you. I've watched all of ten minutes of one NFL game so far this year, and though I'll watch more, I just have better stuff to do on a Sunday than sit in front of the TV for 12 hours.

On a side note, may I suggest college football? Sure, it's corrupt as all hell, but it sure is fun to watch.

Anonymous said...

with all deference to "Dan" - maybe you have started feeling about the NFL the way I've felt about college football for years - they're all paid professionals anyway so why not watch the ones that admit it - at least in my book. College football - ugh. Try watching tennis - now THAT I can watch hours and hours of - even when I know the winner already!