Tuesday, September 06, 2005

How to Enjoy Delaware for less than a Tank of Gas

Everybody has a horror story these days about how much money it costs to fill their car with gas (and yet I hear just as many talking about buying an SUV... go figure). Since I drive a small car with good gas mileage, I guess I shouldn't complain that it cost me almost $30 to fill my tank with gas since I fill it about once every 2 weeks and I've heard of people spending over $100 to fill their tank.

BUT - even though gas is so expensive, there are still good, cheap ways to have fun. Julie and I spent an entire Saturday enjoying ourselves for a price under $60 a person for the whole day:

1) Start out at Jimmy's for breakfast - steak and eggs: $10.
2) Delaware Park horse racing for five hours - $20 max, less if you win
3) Wilmington Blue Rocks baseball - between $5-$9
4) Fireworks after the game - Free
5) Beer and sandwich at Iron Hill Brewery after fireworks - $20

And people say there's nothing to do in Delaware.


chornbe said...

"And people say there's nothing to do in Delaware." The people who say that are snobs. There's plenty to do, and Wilmington's actually got a decent live-art theatre with some broadway caliber stars, on occasion.

Now if only traffic here didn't suck.

By the way... I had to fill my tank this morning, too. Took 6.5 gallons and I had 295 miles on the trip odometer. Motorcycles are more than just a niche toy. Mine provides >90% of my commuter and utility travel, and lately 100% of my "for fun" travel. I truly wish Motorcycles were as accepted and respected on the roads here in the US as they are in Europe.

Lisa said...

That sounds like a nice bike.

chornbe said...

I'm sorry, what kind of bike was that? I think Yeager missed it.

viki said...

sure, plenty to do if you're a gambling, beer-guzzlin', lard-eatin' fool.

Just kidding - I'm actually fairly fond of your fair city.

Some of my favorite folk live there - and pay much less to do so, I might add, than most other places I've seen.