Tuesday, September 20, 2005


I don't know what this word means.

A couple weekends ago I saw Sigur Rós in concert for the second time at the Tower theater in Philadelphia. It was particularly special because they played stuff off of their new, soon to be released (at the time) album, "Takk...".

After the concert, I couldn't wait for this album to come out.

And now, here I sit, far too late (early?) on a workday listening to this album for the third time, and still getting chills from certain bits of the music.

I still don't know what "Sæglópur" means. What I can tell you is that it's the 6th track on "Takk...", and it's a great song. It might be the best song this band has ever written.

This is music to do great things to. This is music that is poignant and hopeful.

This is exactly what we need.


Dan F. said...

Hell yes, September is baseball season...

...and if nobody minds, I am personally going to skip right over football season and wait for Spring. I can't watch the Ravens- and if I jumped on the Eagles bandwagon my family would lynch me.

Now, I must ask- why was I never informed of the Daunte Culpepper prank, so that I could mock you mercilessly? Now I will have buy Madden '06, bring it to your house, and pound you into submission with a team qb'ed by Culpepper, just to make your psychosis complete.

Daunte for MVP!!

Anthony said...

I am actually listening to this song right now. It was an incredible concert! I am glad you were able to make it. Where do you live? I live (for now) in West Orange, NJ up near NYC. Peace.