Saturday, April 02, 2005

Geeking Out

This evening wasn't looking so hot.. it was too late for me to drive into Manayunk to meet up with the rec league football team as previously planned, and it looked like I'd be sitting at home doing a whole lot of nothing. But fortuitously, a couple of friends from the weekly D&D game called and said they'd be willing to come down from Philly to my neck of the woods to grab some grub and catch a late showing of "Sin City".

Now I'm suffering from nerd overload. The movie dripped with so much style and machismo, it was like reading the comic for the first time. I'm not sure that any film adapted from a comic book after "Sin City" can even come close to matching this... not after watching it unfold, in motion, page by page, complete with voice over narration ripped from thought bubbles.

For this reason, there is going to be no middle ground on this movie. People are either going to love it, or absolutely hate it.. and no parent should even think about bringing their kid to see this. "Sin City" is not "Spider Man" or "X-Men"... it's a comic for adults.

But if you're an adult and you like comics (and better yet Frank Miller comics)... you can't miss this one.

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