Tuesday, April 19, 2005


My rec league football team, "One Hot Mess", played primetime Monday night football yesterday. At 9 PM, we played under the lights at one of the local high school's fields. Our team was 0-3 going into the game, and we were playing an undefeated team that had shut out their opponent twice already.

However, it was also the first game where everybody who showed up had played before! For the first time, we had a full team where everybody knew everybody else, and so we were very comfortable and relaxed going into the game. Plus, our team captain (Julie) had drawn up a simple scheme during the week that she e-mailed to everyone so that there would be no strategy arguments during the game.

It worked like a charm. Although we lost 20-19, we were in the game to the very end, and everybody had a great time. I also caught my first TD pass of the season, but I'm disappointed I wasn't able to keep a foot inbounds on one of the extra points.. I was conscious of it, but just drifted too far towards the back of the end zone.

But the important thing was that it was extremely fun.

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