Sunday, April 24, 2005

Weekend in Review

Rec League Football

Not only did One Hot Mess capture its first win of the season this weekend, it got its second as well! After the team we were scheduled to play forfeited due to lack of players, we played a make up game and won 27-20. I caught another touchdown pass and had an interception, but I was most pleased with my sliding catch on 4th down to keep our game winning drive alive. But those were small contributions... everybody on the team played really well, and our quarterback always does a nice job every week of distributing the ball and keeping everybody in the game. It was a ton of fun, but I was definitely sucking wind by the end worse than any point this season!


Julie and I watched House of Flying Daggers which was recently released on DVD, and it was terrific. This is a movie by the director of Hero, and was just as grand in scale and visuals. It also prominently features Zhang Ziyi who is, for my money, the most talented actress alive in the entire world today. At least that I've seen. Julie absolutely loved the movie as well, which was good because I think I might've still been in trouble for Sin City, which she didn't like so much.

Philly Sports

The Phillies have scored three runs in the last three games. The Soul lost again and Graziani threw two more interceptions. And the Sixers lost game one of their 2005 NBA playoff "run" on Saturday.. at one point they were up by 12, but managed to lose by more than 20.

In other words, it was business as usual.

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