Thursday, April 28, 2005

A Tough Day

Anyone ever agreed to "help out" someone on a project, and then next thing they know it's THEIR project?

This has happened to me with this pretty poor application in the last couple of weeks, and yesterday was a particularly bad afternoon as the realization came that this piece of junk was starting to become MY piece of junk, if it hasn't already.

This app just doesn't have a solid design. It's using decode tables and config files for the SAME information, so when you have to make changes you have to make them in two places.. the first sign that you've screwed something up when you wrote the app. Not only that, this thing operates outside our company firewall and is exposed to the big bad internet, and we do not have an adequate test region to try out any changes we make to things on the external web. In other words, I'm coding without a safety net.

Hopefully today will be better, but this piece of junk needs to be replaced. There's just no way to salvage it. I can keep putting band aids on it, but if I do that it's never going to go away. The problem is that it is a typical response for a developer to say "Rewrite it!" when they look at code that isn't theirs... I'm guilty of it myself. But seriously.. this thing is going to make my head explode if I have to spend another afternoon looking at it.


Anonymous said...

Remember,deep breaths, deep breaths!

chornbe said...

... deep breaths... deep breaths. Yes, hyper-oxygenate your blood. You'll need it when it's time to start cutting off heads and ripping out spleens with plastic spoons.

You know my thoughts on your predicament.