Monday, July 18, 2005

The Coolness Behind the Click

I just finished up the beginnings of a new webapp today.

The webapp uses Embperl running on Apache. The Embperl template also references a Javascript library for using XMLHTTP, which calls another page which references a Perl package that contacts a .NET web service. The .NET web service then uses remoting libraries to dynamically load or unload a DLL from a currently running Windows service!

Sadly, all the user sees is a link that reads either "Load" or "Unload", masking all of the coolness.

If only I could put some nifty animated effects in there to demonstrate visually how neat what's happening behind the scenes is...

1 comment:

chornbe said...

Regardless of what the user sees, that is some cool stuff you have running. Nicely done. You are, in fact, da man!