Friday, July 08, 2005

Maria Pepe

With the clouds of terrorism and hurricanes hanging over our heads, I thought I'd point out just a little bit of good going on in the world.

On Thursday, a 12 year old girl named Katie Brownell donated her Little League jersey to the Baseball Hall of Fame. She did this after pitching a perfect game on May 14th, becoming the first girl on record to accomplish the feat in Little League baseball.

Present at the ceremony was a 45 year old woman named Maria Pepe. In 1971, Pepe was an 11 year old pitcher and outfielder playing Little League ball for the Hoboken Young Democrats. She played only three games before parents complained. Little League headquarters responded at the time by threatening to revoke the Hoboken league's charter if they continued to allow the young girl to participate.

It took two years for the legal system to find in Pepe's favor... but by that time, she was too old to play.

Perhaps now, a full 34 years later, Maria Pepe finally got a few things that the legal system couldn't give her: justice, vindication, and closure.

Read the full story here.

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