Monday, March 07, 2005

Crack Horse

On Saturday night I got together with some friends at the ol' Dave & Buster's. Typically, the girlfriend and I play the "Jurassic Park" shooter game and then we sort of wander around and play random stuff until we get tired and go home.

This time, though, on a whim I decided to try the Sega "Derby Owner's Club", which is this huge horse racing simulation game where you raise a horse, train it, and race it. It's been around for a while, but it looked so big and intimidating (and dumb) that I never tried it.

So I sit down and put my money in, pick a stallion and a mare, and next thing I know I've got my horse, which I named "I Eat Children". Then you pick one method of training out of a list of 8, feed your horse a food out of a list of varying size, and then race the horse against computer opponents and the other people sitting around you.

I didn't get up for a loooong time. The worst part was, everybody I came with joined me. Before I knew it, our social outing had turned into a pixelated horse racing contest. "I Eat Children", incidentally, managed to win one of the 8 races.. very exciting stuff. You even get a card with your horse's information on it so that you can reload it when you come back. The potential for future money wasted is staggering.


chornbe said...

Wow. Sounds pretty cool. I daren't try it. I get addicted to things like that... then the negative potential life swings are dangerous. Living under the freeway overpass in a fridge box, begging affluent business men for game tokens, selling my soul for free games... OH THE INSANITY!!

Thinking about how much I could spend on something like that makes my 4 years of playing UO seem like a true bargain.

robustyoungsoul said...

I think the only reason I haven't gotten hooked on some MMORPG at this point is that my computer is too slow to handle any of them.

Crack Horse said...

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