Thursday, March 17, 2005

Mike Greenwell

A lot of you are probably looking at the subject line and thinking: "Who?"

Mike Greenwell was the man who finished second in the American League MVP voting in 1988... behind Jose Canseco.

Greenwell had a dream year with the Red Sox, but he hit far fewer home runs than Canseco (22 to Jose's 42).. not to mention the fact that he didn't use steroids.

Incidentally, there are two other admitted steroid users who have won the MVP award: Ken Caminiti in 1996, and Jason Giambi in 2000.. but you've probably heard of the guys that finished behind them: Mike Piazza and Frank Thomas, respectively.

Greenwell is now in real estate (you can read all about his story here), but still feels that not using steroids may have cost him millions of dollars.

And today Big Mac, the man who many believe saved baseball with his run at Maris' record, took the fifth when asked directly if he used steroids while doing everything he could not to cry.

But hey, baseball may be in bad shape... but at least it's still not hockey.

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