Monday, March 21, 2005

Weekend in Review

It was another busy weekend that started off with the dreaded Manayunk Sport and Social football game early Saturday afternoon. It actually turned out to be an unbelievably good time, which made me feel pretty silly for being so worried about it. We lost 14-6, but everybody on the team is really cool and we all got together after the game to consume our free beer... and then consume a couple more. Granted, I'm so sore this morning from running around on Saturday that I can barely walk, but it was fun and now I'm actually looking forward to playing again.

Saturday night the girlfriend and I also went to the Sixers game, which wasn't nearly as fun. I'm not a real big fan of the NBA. I respect the fact that the players really are just THAT good on offense, so sometimes it only LOOKS like people aren't playing defense.. but that being the case, the pace of the game just really isn't the type of basketball I like to watch. I like college basketball a lot better. Oh yeah, and the Sixers lost (despite Allen Iverson dropping 30 with a broken thumb), putting them 2 games out of a playoff spot right now.

Sunday at noon was the Soul game. FINALLY they won, getting off of their 4 game losing streak. This game was also historic because it was the first time in a Soul uniform that Tony Graziani played an entire game without turning the ball over. Huzzah! They play a pair of teams they can beat the next two weeks, so I'm hopeful they can get back to .500.

Finally, since the Villanova game started at 2:15 and I was still at the Soul game, I went to a friend's house afterwards who had Tivo. It was fun because it really was like watching the game live since none of us knew the final score. Not a bad showing at all from the old school... now they face the nigh impossible task of beating North Carolina next Friday, but I think Bucknell proved last weekend that anything can happen.

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Lisa said...

Whoo hoo - my brother went to Bucknell.