Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Philadelphia Soul Head Coach Fired

I've been forgetting to mention this, but Philadelphia Soul head coach Mike Trigg got fired on Monday, a day after the Sunday debacle against Dallas that I blogged about earlier.

This concerns me for a couple of reasons:

1) This feels like a knee-jerk reaction. I know the fans were booing loud and long on Sunday, and I know that the Soul are now 2-3 after their "big" signing of Tony Graziani (big by Arena Football standards.. Graziani is the highest paid player in the AFL at $250k a year), but I think expectations were a little unreasonable for this team. They have serious problems in the middle... and when your linemen play both ways and are ineffective blockers AND pass rushers, you're giong to be in trouble.

2) Stepping up to take Trigg's job is James Fuller, the defensive coordinator. Anybody else see a problem with this? Let me help. One of the Soul's strengths last year was defense... but that has not carried over to this year. The Soul gave up 72 points last week and allowed a score EVERY TIME Dallas had the ball. And now you're promoting the guy in charge of that very defense? Odd.

3) Perhaps most importantly, Mike Trigg looked kind of like a slimmer version of Andy Reid. James Fuller (a former Eagle linebacker) looks like he still works out.

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